Titan CRD was created from the realization of Titan AEX that Research and Development was necessary to expand upon long range communication (LF, HF & VLF) systems for the current global market. Although this technology is old, it has withstood the test of time in efficiency, sustainability, and security.

Titan CRD is strategically partnered with government agencies and academic institutions to develop and innovate future communication systems and applications. Partnerships developed enable the capability of sustainability in reliable and secure long range communications and surveillance.

Titan CRD’s consulting team is involved in a variety of types of projects to increase performance of current technological applications. With our partners, Titan CRD recommends, invests, and performs proof of concept for evolving technologies. We also perform special investigations and technical studies for problematic applications using a theoretical approach to generate cost effective and reliable solutions.


Titan CRD has partnered with educational institutions to broaden the base and knowledge in the communications industry. This initiative has been introduced in two parts.

In the first part, Titan CRD works with higher level academic institutions in the research and development of new and emerging technologies for the communications industry.

In the second part, Titan CRD works with secondary and post secondary educational institutions to expose future generations to the communication industry and technologies. This initiative is designed to invest in our most substantial resource, people.


We have worked in a variety of environments and hold ourselves to the highest of standards. With our partners, we recommend, invest in and perform proof-of-concepts for evolving technologies.